Enhancement needed for bounces and role addresses


Enhancement needed for bounces and role addresses

Nowhere on your site do I have any indication of what role addresses were not send when we do a campaign. Example, today we sent a Norton promo and have 24 bounces. I am aware that you do not send to our admin @ and sales @ emails so I want to see this as a category in the bounce list as emails bounced because they are role addresses and not sent! ADD THIS ASAP!

Hello @JoeI50


Thanks for posting. Constant Contact is a permission based company, which is mainly why we do not allow many role addresses to be mailed to. Role addresses are directed to multiple users who may not have given permission. Here is an updated list of Blocked Role Addresses. Having a clean list helps improve your email's deliverability and open rates, which is why you'll want to get get specific email addresses for all of your contacts and remove any role addresses.


We certainly appreciate your feedback and suggest leaving this under our feedback section of the community where it can be viewed by other members and also voted on. 

Amber Royal
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