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Error Screen

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Error Screen

Good afternoon, I would like to receive an error that commonly populates for our account. We've tried various browsers and although the problem seemed to diminish using Firefox, today I received the error until about my 7th attempt at sending each email. The error reads as: Contact list validation failed because:come.constantcontact.contactsapiclient.exceptions.ContactServiceFailedToRespondException:Error occurred while requesting contact service through HttpClient Please advise what we can do to keep this from occurring as it is not conducive to our emailing efforts. Thank you. My contact email is -Alexandra


HI @WBIMarketing

Thanks for letting us know you are running into this. This is something we're aware of and trying to research more to resolve. Can you help with a couple of details?


- What is the name of the email you are trying to schedule?

- What is the name of the list you would like to send to?


Thanks for your help,

Hannah M.
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Hi Hannah, 


This happens witih most of our emails however this week's emails were the Enhanced SMA Holdings Report and the Traditional SMA Holdings Report. The Enhanced report goes to the "Enhanced SMA Holdings" contact list and the traditional goes to the "Traditional SMA Holdings" contact list. Thank you!

Hello @WBIMarketing


We tried re-creating the lists from your account to see if this will help.  There are 2 new lists with CC before them.  When you schedule your next email can you try these lists to see if you have any success please?  Let us know if this helps or not.  

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I will certainly give this a go next week and report back. Thanks!