Error importing contacts from Eventbrite
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I am a new user and working to pull contacts from our Eventbrite account.
I have successfully Connected Eventbrite and I see the Constant Contact app connected on the Eventbrite side.

I have tried from both Chrome and Firefox to Import Contacts from Eventbrite.
Each time I see list of Events, I check one or more Event and then click Import Now.

Error resulting each time is:
There was an issue importing your contacts from Eventbrite. Please refresh your browser and try again.

I have Disconnected the integration and Connected a 2nd time and get the same results.

Does anyone have success with Import of Contacts from Eventbrite?

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Hello ,


Can you confirm if the Eventbrite account you're using has sub-users, and if it was connected to your CTCT account by the actual admin of the Eventbrite account, not any sub-users? If you are the owner of the Constant Contact account, the admin of the Eventbrite account, and the one to setup the integration - and the issue still persists - the only workaround in the meantime would be to manually export your contacts out of Eventbrite, and import them via file.


I've tracked the known service request on this for your account. However the devs do want confirmation that you're both the account owner and Eventbrite admin, and were the one to connect the accounts, as part of their investigation and troubleshooting process.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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I'm confirming that I am the only user on the Eventbrite account and the admin.

I have a vast internet technology background and requesting to work with your dev team to resolve this issue for the good of this community.