Error indicated when sending email to social media (facebook & instagram

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Please send me some tips to help send my weekly email to contacts on social media. I keep getting an error message.
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Hello @DeborahHL061 ,


Based on the reports of the errored social posts, it's your Instagram posts that are failing. The error message reads:


The submitted image with aspect ratio ('318/162',) cannot be published. Please submit an image with a valid aspect ratio.


This means you'll either need to use a different image when setting up your social post - one that meets both Facebook and Instagram's separate aspect ratio requirements. Otherwise, I'd advise setting up a variation (section Create a post for multiple social platforms, step 5) when you're creating the post, so you can have different versions of the same image that are compatible with each platform.


For additional info on the optimal image sizes and aspect ratios - for the platforms available in the social post tool - please see this article

William A
Community & Social Media Support