Event Registration Error: we´ve experienced an error processing your request ??

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Event Registration Error: we´ve experienced an error processing your request ??

Hi !!  any help about why i am getting this error : 


We're sorry but we've experienced an error processing your request.
Please contact the event Organizer.
It happens when my  guests finish filling the form for registration 

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 i Think i got  ;  some of the information listed  in  the payment options  is in spanish with accents  i think the form is having problems with the accents in spanish i tool them of  and is working now 





Hi @DanielC410


I am glad that you were able to figure this out and thanks for letting us know about this.  I would like to report this issue to our engineers to investigate.  Would you be able to tell me what characters you had that were causing the issue?  And were these characters in the Registration form questions or were they characters that the registrant was filling in (i.e. their name had a character with an accent mark on it).  Any information that you have would be helpful.  


If any of the information that you wish to pass along to us is private (i.e. email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) you can email it to our team at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, the username on the account, and the event you are working in. 




Hi , so i have been doing some experiments ,  i organize events in Cancun Mexico and Cuernavaca Mexico so i have people using accents in names as María ( Maria )  or  José  ( Jose )  so this is whats going on : 


1.- When creating an event you cannot use accents in the payment options ,  if you use accents in the title of the event its ok like  lets  say International Seminar  will be :  Seminário  Internacional  ,  thats  ok if its in the title  ,  but if you use them in the payment options  or some other thing that is going to go directly to the Data  the sistem crashes  and say  " We've experienced an error processing your request " .  


2.- When people sign in  to the event  and fill their information  some times they use accents  like   José  Gonzales   when this happens the system goes ok  but  in my control  panel  when i check the list of assitants  i get the  error  character  /?  so i  see  something  like  :   "  Jos/? Gonzales just signed in "    


This is the problem , so far is working people are paying and sining  in but  its a little unconfortable to see your member list like   Jos/?   or  Mar/?a  . 

I have setted up my preferences as Spanish but still . 


It would be nice if someone can fix this . 






I am also having the same issue as this user but, all the fields in my form are in English.


I have tried opening and closing registration to refresh the form, editing the registration form fields and opening the form in both Chrome and Firefox, nothing has worked.


Please advise further.



Hi @Caribbean_Procurement


Are you finding the difficulty is when registrants are adding their information with accents in their names? When are you seeing this error display? I was able to open up your registration form without trouble on my end here.


Thanks in advance!



Opening and filling the registration form works well. The error is reeived when trying to submit the form ""Register"


My registration forms are being populated with only english characters, no accents or spanish punctuation marks.


I just tried to submit a completed registration form, only english characters and no -, /, & marks and received the same error again.


Please help.



The system has problems with special characters , so anything like an accent or a "; " or "&" will create the form error try looking at your event carefully to find out where are you ussing characters like that and remove them , thats what worked for me , this a solution mean while we wait for the tech team to fix it



Thanks for the tip.


I tried to fill the form again with no characters and in english, still received the same error message when I try to register/ submit the form.


Any other suggestions would be welcomed.


Much Appreciated.

Hello @Caribbean_Procurement


I would like to test this further within your account.  Can you tell me what event you get this error on please?  Also, do I have your permission to test the registration?  This could result in adding registrants to your event, so if you have a registration limit, it could be affected.  The registrants will be cancelled after testing, however it will still be seen within the reporting of the event. 



The error is being received on the registration form for ' A Summer Intensive on The Public Procurement & Disposal of Property Act No. 1 of 2015'.


Yes, please do and I will make the adjustments accordingly.


Much Thanks.

Hi @Caribbean_Procurement


Thank you for letting us test this out within your account. I was able to register successfully which is normal due to what we found is happening. I have canceled my registration as wel within your account.


This error is being caused by a system issue within the country selection menu for registration on the event. If the registrant chooses any country other than the US or Canada, it will result in the erorr your registrants are seeing. 


The best thing to do is to remove the country requirement from the registration form. If you need to ask for the country, please use an open-ended question to request that from the registrant.


I've notated in your account that you're affected by this. Let us know if you have any questions!

Hi Marissa,


I have adjusted the reg form as per your advice and submitted an attendee.... it works!!!


Thank you for the prompt and efficient assistance.



Glad to hear @Marissa_R was able to help! Thanks for the update :smileyface:



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