Event Registration Form - Question logic

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Event Registration Form - Question logic

Is there any way to have logic within a question on the registration form?  

For example: if they respond yes to a question then it takes them to the next question; if they respond no to a question then it takes them to a question further down in the form or to the end of the form without asking them the rest of the questions.


HI @ShannonL645

This isn't available currently but this is great feedback for the future! Can you tell me more about what information you might include that you would want selected like this? Is this for the privacy of the information or for the convenience of the registrants? 



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This would just make sense in regards to questions like:

Are you attending this event?

Answer: Yes.....then it proceeds to the rest of the registration

Answer: No.....skips to the end of the registration or to the next valid question as we have multiple functions within the one event that can be attended.