Event registration doesn't complete without newsletter opt-in

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Event registration doesn't complete without newsletter opt-in


While using the event registration feature, we realized that the registration did not complete unless the user clicked the box to receive newsletter updates. They did not receive a confirmation email, and their registration info does not appear on the dashboard as having registered at all. Is it possible to edit the registration form in such a way that people can register for the event without opting in to newsletter updates? 



Hello @LauraK276 ,


I was able to go through and successfully register for all 5 of the events you have with the option for newsletter signups, without checking the box to receive them. This wouldn't apply to the first session event, since newsletter signups aren't an available option. I apologize if you got a bunch of back-to-back confirmations of a registration and/or cancellation. Anyone that registers should be able to register without checking that box, since it's meant to be 100% optional. This is indicating to me that the attempted registrants are running into some kind of connectivity-related error (caching, extension or VPN interference, network glitches, etc.)


Are you aware if the affected registrants were on a similar wifi / building's network, or using a particular device type or browser?

William D
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