EventSpot app wish list

Occasional Participant

EventSpot app wish list

We used this app yesterday for for the first time.  To make the app actually useful to us we would like to see the following:

1) A tally of how many guests we have checked in.  The app states how many registrants, but we have no way of knowing how many check in at the event unless we count the check marks.  With over 200 guests registered this becomes a problem.

2) Be able to add walk up registrants directly into the app so we can add them to the tally at the end of the event.

3) Have guests of a registrant listed separately for check in purposes. When a registrant signs up they may have guests and the guests names are not broken out as separate registrants.  We can only check in the registrant who may have 3 guests, but the guests are arriving separtely. 


If for some reason these tasks can already be completed and we are just not aware of how, please let us know. Otherwise, please consider asking the developer to add these operations.  Thanks.

Marketing Advisor

Hello @WPChamber, thank you for the ideas and requests on how we can make our apps and EventSpot work more efficiently for you.


I am submitting your ideas in our new product ideas page for our developers with all three of your requests. This will go to the Voice of Customer team as they are listening and I know they appreciate any feedback that helps users to have all the great tools they need to be more efficient. Thanks again!