Events - free events vs paid events

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Events - free events vs paid events

Hello, Our organization has recently decided to use Constant Contact for all of our events. In the past we used CC for paid events and another provider for free events. With the change in the payment structure to now include unlimited events we thought well this is a great opportunity for all of our events to live in one location and use CC to it's fullest capacity. Most of our events have a member and non-member rate that we want to track - different fee structures and we want to track who is using our services. So I went to go and create an event in which we would have our 2 tickets types but both of them would be free. I realized quite quickly that CC would not be able to easily provide this structure and was very disappointed. It should not matter what fee is in the payment field wether it is $100 or $0. Now I am stuck with a work around that gets the job done by creating a customized question in the registration field. It is not ideal when it should be an easy task to set up as many ticket types as I want and for all them all to be free or charge a fee. Seems pretty simple to me. If there is any way that this can be looked into and considered I would very much appreciate it. I am hoping that the current system works otherwise we are going to have to go back to how we managed our events in the past. Thanks for listening. Susannah


Hello @Pillar. Thank you for reaching out to us here in the Community. I see that you had spoken with our Support team before posting here and I hope that they were able to clarify the different fee options that you have available in our Event tool. 


At this time, there is not a way to have multiple free options available as a fee. However, you are able to create the fee as an item, which does allow you to have multiple free options for your registrants to choose from. Here is more information on how to create an item for your event. I will submit your feedback over to the appropriate team regarding your request to have more than one free "fee" available in an event.

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