Exporting Survey Results


Exporting Survey Results



When the survey results are shared with the participants as an export at the close of the survey, are the respondents identified or are they anonymous? When I am looking at the text of the open ended responses, I can see the e-mail address of the person who responded. When I export these results to the group, I don't want anyone to be identified. How do I make certain that happens?





Hi @LisaL8681 !


Thank you for coming to the community to ask this great question! I can definitely understand why it's important to have the ability to control a survey's anonymity.


So it looks like your most recent survey was shared using a Survey Invitation. Whenever you use a survey invite to share the survey out to your contacts, it will always connect it to the email address of that contact. Making their response ultimately not anonymous when it comes to exporting results.


However, you can still maintain the anonymity of the respondents before sharing the results with your team. Export these survey results as a Excel file or a CSV (raw data) file. When you download these files to your desktop, it's really no different than your typical spreadsheet file, so you can delete all columns in that exported file with the respondents identifiable information (such as email address or name) before sending the data out to your team. 


If you are looking for full anonymity of the results (meaning the report will list all responses as anonymous) I recommend inserting the survey's permanent URL in a campaign email rather than using the survey invitation tool. By using the survey's permanent URL you can ensure that anyone who responds will show up anonymous in the reporting. This is just one of numinous ways you can share your survey out, you can find more ways to share your survey here.


Ultimately survey respondents will always be anonymous if they access the survey through the link any one of these ways:
- A third-generation email.
- A webpage.
- Social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
- An automated email in an Automated Email Series.
- An email that uses the shortened survey link feature.
- Emails sent outside of Constant Contact.


I hope this helps answer your question, you can find more information on how to control a survey's anonymity here.

Brigitte P
Community & Social Media Support

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