Your form code does NOT work on a standard HTML website page. Once the code is placed on the page, it fills the entire page from left to right making a horrible presentation of the form. The code should present the form exactly as your site's "Preview" of the form, and should include the ability to set the SIZE of the form before you even generate the code for us. Years ago, I used a different service for this, so it is amazing you don't have this capability now, years later, with the newest technology.
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Cant you just create a table for it and place it there?




If I knew how to create a table, but the source code generated for a form should ask for the dimensions the person wants to use and generate the code appropriately. For a service you pay for, that should be a standard feature. I'm still in my trial period, but if ther features don't justify the cost, I'll have to go back to the other service I used to use that has a mutltitude of forms and they are all generated based on dimensions I specify.


Then I suggest you just use the link that they give you to point to their form.


In all honestly they do rely on some level of technical ability to place the form code they give you.


Do you have someone that does your website for you?  Its not very hard to create the table.