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Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising

We loved the free trial of CC's Facebook Advertising service. However, it appears the price on this starts at $100 ($85 FB Ad and $15 Service Fee). We don't mind the service fee, however, the starting price point is too high. Can you offer a $20 FB Ad?

Hi @KarenAndro


That's a great question. I am not sure if that could be done. This FAQ has more information on the cost of the Facebook advertising and in it it states, "When calculating the price of your ad, Constant Contact charges a service fee on top of the fee that Facebook charges. The service fee allows us to bring the advertising program to you, and includes automatically creating ads as well as monitoring and optimizing your campaigns." It is my understanding then that the $85.00 is the fee charged by and going to Facebook to run the ad, so I'm not sure if we could do anything about that price. I do recommend calling our Billing Department as they would have more insight into these matters and they would be able to get more information about it for you. 



Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager