Feature that lets me see where my contacts live with a Google Map filter/overlay?


Feature that lets me see where my contacts live with a Google Map filter/overlay?



I'm looking for a way to see where all my contacts live at once with a google map filter/overlay in constant contact. My contacts have already given me their address when they sign up, but I want to suggest activities and programs that are located near them. 


Or is there a way to send emails based on addresses and locations?





Hello @WalterG3 ,


At this time we don't have a feature quite like that. In the meantime, I'd suggest doing an internet search of the zip codes to figure out their locations and what things happen to be going on in those areas.


Beyond that, you can potentially use dynamic content (Email Plus feature) to make a single email, just with different info showing based on different contact field criteria (e.g. zip code). You can generate lists based on a contact's zip code if you don't have too much variation between zip codes, and send emails to those specific lists with info of activities and programs in their area. This may be more difficult if your contacts are more spread out across a state or country, and you may want to be more encompassing by making suggestions based on county or state rather than specific town.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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