Fees for event


Fees for event

I just joined a company using this system and I am creating a registration event for a conference.  I have a fee for the event but also have a donation for the event.  It only allows a person to pick one or the other.  I want a person to be able to pick either one or both.  Is that possible?


Also if that is possible can allow person to put amount they want to donate?


Thanks in advance for advice!


Hey @Secretary8,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Our event builder does have a couple systems in place for constructing your fees and donations.


When someone declines to attend your event you can set it up so that they're asked for a donation. If you'd like people to also sign up and donate, I'd recommend adding "items" with general prices (e.g. $1 donation, $5 donation, etc.). You could also set up various event fees that would be the price of the ticket + suggested donation amounts.


You could also insert a paypal link specifically for donations.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, we'd be happy to assist. Feel free to reply to this thread or start a new one for a different subject.

William D
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