First line of text in a paragraph is wonky

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First line of text in a paragraph is wonky

The first line of my text in the block paragraphs is pushed to a single, vertical line against the side of the block in several browsers. It looks fine and appropriate in the CC template, and in Preview. But when I send the email it publishes inappropriately in gmail & Windows Live. I've placed an image and the image seems to be shoving the text (repeling under text), but I can't find out why. What's going on? The images are fairly small, and no error message pops up that the image is too large and may impact the appearance of the email.


Re: First line of text in a paragraph is wonky

Hello @JimP332,


I am very sorry to hear this is occurring. It's definitely not what we want!


Thank you for providing which email clients you were testing in. If you could provide us with the name of the email campaign you are experiencing this with we can take a closer look and see what might be going on. If you do not want to share it publicly you can email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, the name of the campaign, and a reference to this post. Thank you!

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