Fix the bugs!


Fix the bugs!

I have a great idea. Fix some of the **bleep** bugs that have been infesting this Godforsaken product since I started using it nearly a year ago. Every three weeks I have the odious experience of editing a school newsletter. Every week, the CC editor causes me massive pain and angst. There are the little things like its inserting a newline when I select a bolded word and then set its color. Every time! For a year! Then there are the massive annoyances like the 10 minutes I just spent inserting a table, only to have it totally disappear when I saved the section. This is ridiculous! This is web-based software. Do you have anyone actually working on it? And don't get me started on the "quality" of the HTML it produces. Empty <div>s nested literally 100s of levels deep! Random spans with equally random styles.


Thank the the Lord my tenure editing this the newsletter is over. I will never again agree to work on a campaign that uses Constant Contact as long as I have breath in my body, and will heartily discourage anyone considering it from using it.



Hi @PalyLinkP,


I am sorry to hear that you were experiencing these issues while editing your campaigns. I can understand how important your time is to you and how you want to create your emails without bugs and glitches getting in the way. With that being said, I see that you are still within our legacy editor to create your emails. We find that the issues that you are experiencing usually happen as a result of emails being copied over a long period of time, which causes extra coding to be inserted into the HTML view.

We suggest using our new editor, the Third-Generation Editor, to create your emails. Although you will not have access the campaign's code in this editor, there wouldn't be a need to use the code in order to ensure that the email campaign will display properly in the editor. This article will walk you through the steps for creating an email in this editor. We also suggest creating a Master Template that you can copy from and use for your newsletters. Please, let us know if you have any further questions. Once again, I do apologize for any inconvenience.

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