Fix your Social Share feature

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Absolutely exhausting attempting to do anything with your Website and tools currently. I appreciate that I can click on the huge branded Google Ad but what I actually need to do is publish an item to my church's Facebook page and it simply is not appearing on the campaign page. On the Social page, I get a big red box telling me to refresh the page. Well, folks, I have done so and it simply does not work. Fix it.
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Hello @DUMC-office ,


Does disconnecting your Facebook business page, clearing our permissions from your business page's permissions, then reconnecting the page alleviate the issue at all?


If the issue persists, does performing any basic connectivity troubleshooting clear the error? Please keep in mind that when I say connectivity issues, I'm not necessarily referring to just your internet speed. There are a number of elements that can affect website connectivity and accessibility on an individual basis. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support