Fonts Glitching on Outlook Application


Fonts Glitching on Outlook Application

My team and I are having consistent trouble with our fonts glitching when our emails are viewed in the Microsoft Outlook application. We design our emails using a sans serif font (Calibri), but in most instances, the font shift to a serif (Times?) when viewed in Outlook. We have tried contacting Constant Contact's customer service in the past but the issue has still not been solved. Please help!





Hi @JeffA9,


Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry your text is changing fonts. It could be related to a few sitations. If the font isn't available on your computer or device, your web browser substitutes the font for one that is available, which can make your email design look different than you intended it to. Calibri is considered a non-standard font which means it may/may not display as Calibri. You can try switching to a web-safe font to see if that works!

If not, and you're copying/pasting your text from another source into your email campaign, try pasting it first into a text editor to "strip out" or remove any problematic formatting. If you use Microsoft Windows, look for Notepad; if you use Apple, look for TextEdit as text editors are often included with whatever type of computer you have. You'll then just need to copy it from the text editor and then paste it into your email campaign. I hope this helps!

Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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