Forced upgrade

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Forced upgrade

Why am I being prompted to upgrade my package and not being allowed to send my email?


Hello Everyone,


I'm making this post to let everyone know that our engineers are reporting the issue as resolved. They are still monitoring it closely to see if any major issues pop up as aftershocks.


They also wanted to note that there may be a bit of a backlog for automation series, but that they should eventually start sending as expected again, including to contacts that might have triggered them during the downtime. If this is not your experience, we urge you to contact our support line, or make a thread here in Get Help for further review. Any regular emails that were still scheduled to go out during the downtime, should now be sending as expected.

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I have studied the comparison chart and cannot figure out why you are requiring an upgrade in order for me to send out a simple email. PLUS, I've been paying you for YEARS and this is my FIRST email, so I'm especially upset that I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. :(((

Hi @HeatherY493 


I apologize for any confusion there may be with the billing on your account. Though we are unable to go into your billing details here in the Community, we can go into some of our basic billing policies. For instance an upgrade is only needed if a user is under our basic email plan and trying to use an email plus action block. If this is not the case for your particular email campaign I would suggest calling into our Billing Support for further assistance. Once of these agents can help find the answers you need!

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is an Instagram button considered an action block?  i am now also required to upgrade and this is the only difference i can see from last week?

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I think there is an issue with their system. I was able to send an email out earlier today and now I'm getting the pop up to upgrade my account.

Same issue here


Why can't I schedule my email? It tells me I need to consider upgrading, and I can't move on from there.

I am really **bleep** off that you are not enabling me to send my email unless I upgrade. I DON"T WANT TO UPGRADE.

I do not want to upgrade and have very important emails to go out now. How can I stay with my current plan?

This is outrageous that I have to upgrade to continue my service when I have important emails to get out. I will be leaving Constant Contact

All of the sudden our image library is full? We also deleted several images and still shows as full. There are plenty of other email auto responders for us to use. We will not spend more money on upgrading our image library. Not necessary...

mine was full... deleted twice... still says full, relogging in and new browser... still FAILS

We want to keep the current subscription we have and are unable to choose this option. When trying to contact customer service, the wait is over half an hour. We've paid for this service, and should be able to email. This looks like an advertisement to upgrade, but it shouldn't stop current subscribers from getting their work done. This has cost me over 1/2 hour of extra time, and our subscribers expect our email weekly at around the same time. Please test your ads before putting them into production, or we will consider dropping your service completely.

CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW FRUSTRATING- just wrapped up our first virtual annual conference and all platforms worked fine until tried to send an eval survey while enthusiasm was high- SO MUCH FOR THAT.\

Plus I was forced to upgrade for nothing!!!     

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I'm told my library is full and I need to upgrade for more space. We are already on Email PLUS; one window says we need to go to Library PLUS. How do we do that? I see no option! 

I have the same problem, and it changed suddenly as we were fine last month and did not add any new photos in that time. it seems they have severely reduced the space allowed. I even tried deleting some of my old photos and it made no different. And the click to upgrade just gives me the option I already am on. 

Definitely some kind of issue. 


Every time I try to schedule an email I get this message:




I cannot schedule without upgrading? Will this cost me more?


Please send responses to


Thank you,


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Your Status states the issue is resolved BUT IT IS NOT.  I have been trying to send my Newsletter and it will NOT let it be scheduled.  If I can't use what I am paying for then I will move to another service.

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Is anyone else getting a popup that says they need to join one of the email or email plus plans when they try to send an email?


Thank you,


I am currently

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I called customer service and there's an automated message that "some customers are having trouble scheduling email campaigns and we are working hard to restore service. You can check the status at"



You go to that webpage and it says everything is working great! 


So we must be imagining the fact that it's trying to push us to upgrade to the plan we already pay for...