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Formatting Errors


Formatting Errors

I love Constant Contact, but I'm really frustrated with the fluidity of the new system. It's a bit confusing when some templates still use the old editing tools, and the new templates use a completely different set. I look forward to more streamlining from Constant Contact, and less bugs - I frequently have to refresh to get editing text boxes/floating windows, and I am constantly being shown the "you've been away for awhile, please click to continue working" while I'm actively working! The bugs are frustrating and they're silly - the functionality for all the new features is there, and I love the direction you are going, but the system is not reliable right now.


Hello @colonialfit,


I really appreciate your feedback but I am sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. It's definitely not what we want.


Is there any chance you have tried using Constant Contact in another browser? I would just be curious to see if the issue stems from something affecting your current browser and if it will replicate in a different one. It's possible an extension or plugin is interfering with the site experience. You could also try using Constant Contact in Incognito/Safe Mode with your preferred browser and see if that helps.


And I do apologize for any inconvenience or confusion created by having two editors. Right now you still have access to the second-generation templates when you create copies of your older templates but any fresh templates created will appear in the third-generation editor. I would check out our Knowledge Base article on moving from the second-generation editor to the third-generation editor. It might help with clearing up any confusion between the two.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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