Formatting an Element


Formatting an Element

When I click on certain items in my editor page, the editing box overlaps the text box I am trying to edit, so I cannot edit & click on the box at the same time.  I have attached an illustration.  #1 is the text box I am trying to format, and #2 is the format box.  Also: how do I change the background of this text box to blue, and not just get a blue highlight?Capture.JPG


Hi @MindyL77


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Great questions. In order to color the background of the entire block, you may follow these instructions. I'm sorry that you are experiencing the editing issue with the formatting menu. That will always sit at the top of the block, usually if you scroll away from it it will allow you to edit the entirety of the block. Sometimes that can be prevented if you have a small screen that you are editing. If you are unable to scroll away from it or it continues to happen, please send an email social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, the issue, and a reference to this post so we may do some further research. 


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