Formatting your Spreadsheet to upload your contacts

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Formatting your Spreadsheet to upload your contacts

Not sure how to get your file ready for an upload or even gotten stuck when your file did not upload correctly?  We are here to help! 


First thing to remember is Constant Contact will only upload the first sheet of your workbook, so if you have contacts in multiple sheets, then you should copy and paste to one sheet if they are all going in the same list or make separate files for each sheet if you want them all in different lists.  Now you want to have all of your information separated into columns (i.e. email address, first name, last name, company name).  This helps to ensure that all of the information you are bringing in is going to the correct place in Constant Contact.  Do you have information in one column like first and last name together; see this article on how to separate them with Text to Columns.


Is your file not uploading?  Try saving the file as a CSV (comma delimited) file, this stands for Comma Separated Values.  When saving as this file type you might get a message saying that some formatting is not compatible with this file type. This is ok, mostly it does not allow for extra formatting and multiple sheets. 


Here is a sample of what your file should look like: (the column headers – Email Address, First Name, etc. are bolded only for better visibility and to show the difference in a column header and contact information. This is not needed when uploading your contacts) 





The accepted file types are xls, xlsx, csv, and txt.  For more information on setting up a txt file, see this article.  



For more information on uploading a file, click here.  

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