I am trying to format text and prefer to use the block style. It will not take. I am also trying to move a picture and when I do, it is closing the browser. Spell check is shutting down. I am unable to use the help as I did the first day is used this program. I want to search a topic and I am now unable to do so. I am on the 60 days free trial and I was liking the program the first day but now options seem to be taken from me.



I apologize for the issues that you are seeing.  When you say that you are trying to use the block style, is this a particular block that you are trying to edit within a campaign?  Within most blocks you can add/format/edit text.  When you are moving a picture within a block, are you clicking and dragging the picture to move it around?  Or are you clicking and dragging to add in the image to the block?  Also, what Campaign type are you trying?  


For searching through the FAQ's can you try this link to see if it will work: