Free trial of a plus campaign


Free trial of a plus campaign

I see so many offers by Constant Constant to give a free trial for things like a sweepstakes on Facebook but when I tried to create a campaign, believing I would receive a free trial before deciding if I wanted to commit to paying for this feature on a regular and ongoing basis, I was advised I either had to upgrade my account or pay $50 for the campaign. So, I guess I will do nothing instead as I am not willing to commit the cash until I have tried out the feature.

Hello @JedW22 , 


There are 2 different account types within Constant Contact.  The trial offers that you are mentioning seem to be for the other account type (you are on the newer account type - Toolkit).  Within a Toolkit account you have access to newer features; however there is just the 1 trial period per account. If you have any questions about the Campaign, feel free to post them here so that we can help.