From addresses vs. Reply-to addresses

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I have my email campaigns set up as follows:

"from" address is a general " " and the "reply-to" is my personal, so not everyone in my department gets the replies. However, automated out-of-office replies go to everyone in my department, so every time an email is sent (to 60k+ people) all of the auto replies are going into all of our inboxes. It would make sense for them to go to the reply-to address (my own). Not sure if I'm missing something or if this is a flaw in the algorithm, but It doesn't appear to me that I can change this without changing the "from" address to my own.

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Hello @JBZoo ,


Unfortunately, due to how most email programs work, they overwrite the reply-to and simply respond back to the sending address. This is something that only the devs of such email programs and auto-reply systems can change.


The only thing I can suggest is making your sending address something that won't act as a distribution list for your organization. Or, you can change how your current from address functions, though this would obviously be more complex and more of a last-ditch effort kind of thing.

William A
Community & Social Media Support