Functionality on the new website - awful

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Functionality on the new website - awful

Sorry to moan, as I have had a CC account for about five years and think its great. However, our company has split its activities so I have opened a second account to keep these things separate. In addition I paid for a new template for the new site. However, I can't add an image to a text box and wrap the text. I can't seem to bring in a plain text box, the options on the left all seem to have one or more images. The ones that start with T just brings in a large text with something about a Compelling headline. I can't seem to chose if I want an image to be left, right or centre. Plus the Help number on the original website is always manned around UK times. The number at the top of the new website sometimes has a message about opening times - does it think I'm calling from the US? Albeit today I was answered (but I called in the afternoon here). I have, on occasions before christmas, used the help line number on the old website to get help with the new one. Can my new account be migrated to the old generation website? On the basis of the current website, I would not recommend CC. Yet normally I considered you to be the best product I have used. That said, as always your customer service has been excellent - you are up there with Apple. There isn't a UK company with such good service as you two. Please try and see if the new account can go onto the old website platform, like my original one still is. Thank you.
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Re: Functionality on the new website - awful

Hi @DarrellM74

Thanks for posting, I'm going to send you an email directly with some ideas. This is being sent to the address on your Constant Contact account. Please let me know if you don't hget this!


As for the help links-- I'll have the number on the page looked into. Since you are in the UK we do have a specific set of hours and phone number for you.

  • UK   0808 234 9315
  • Monday - Friday9am - 4am GMT
  • Saturday - Sunday3pm - 1am GMT

Can you try using this number next time you need to give us a call?

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