Funky Text Display on Mobile Devices

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I'm attaching screenshots of what the view in mobile displays as, vs what the email actually sends as. Viewing it on desktop works great as intended, no issues there.


1. View as mobile on constant contact/intended look on mobile

test screenshot GOOD.png

2. actual email

email screenshot BAD.jpg


I found another Get Help post that showed a similar problem I had, but the solution was vague and boiled down to "outlook has an issue" back in 2019. I would like I solution to this that goes beyond that, since this issue has been replicated on iphone and android through gmail and other email-hosting mobile apps.


Specifically, in my experiments, this issue has happened with: iphone6 on gmail mobile, android nexus 5x on gmail mobile, iphone6 on spark mobile reader, and an iphone8 on yahoo mobile mail. We have gotten a couple of complaints about formatting from readers, but I do not have the types of devices/apps they were reading off of.


+ Just tested, an iphone Xs on gmail works as intended.


+ Adding a "view as webpage" option at the top does not fix this problem, the formatting issues remain on the webpage as well.


Why is there such a disconnect between what the mobile viewing should be vs what actually gets sent out on certain devices? Is there another solution I can try similar to "view as webpage" to fix this for all mobile readers?


Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hello @LocalLoveESV ,


Unfortunately due to the sporadic nature of this glitch, our engineers are still reviewing what might be causing it - especially since it doesn't even seem to affect the same devices and mail app versions the same ways. For example, the issue occurred for me in both your original email and in the recreation I did with wholly replaced blocks and text. But it didn't occur in the Tier 2 agent's same device and app versions. I've submitted your case to the engineers for further review, so if and when there's an update they'll notify you directly. 


In the meantime, there's a workaround for Android and iPhone they've seen have intermittent success, that your contacts could try. Ultimately including the webpage link for the email will be the most consistent thing you can do on your end.


Potential workarounds:

  1. Android: Update device settings to default settings. Settings > Display > Advanced > Font Size (OR) Display Size.
  2. iPhone: Flip the phone to horizontal view, let the email flip horizontally, then flip the phone back to vertical. The email may re-display normally.

William A
Community & Social Media Support