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GDPR Compliance Email Send

I am wanting to send out an email to a couple lists I've created. These lists went through the GDPR compliance email, some opted in and some did not.

If those that do not have a confirmation date, or opted out, will they still be sent an email? 

When I select my lists, it states the total number of contacts to be sent to, but it looks like it still includes the opted out, or not confirmed. 


Does it auto filter after I hit send or schedule? Do I need to create a new list with just the opt-in confirmations? 


Hello @TVBS,


That's a great question!  If your contacts have opted-out by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button in one of your campaigns, then they are automatically removed from all lists, and placed into a special set of records specifically for us to simply keep track of who has unsubscribed.  You can effectively ignore them for sending future campaigns.  Luckily the unsubscribe and opt-out laws are relatively universal, so we're able to easily automate that process for you.


The GDPR aspect is slightly more complicated, and I'm afraid that there isn't a single 'right' answer.  If you have contacts who reside in the EU, and they did not grant you that express permission, then you may be obligated to remove them from your lists manually.  I'm afraid that it's a grey area, that we can't really offer any kind of blanket advice on.  I would check with your local legal team if you're confused, or of course you can delete them manually to be safe.

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