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Gmail frequently flags our CC emails as spam


Gmail frequently flags our CC emails as spam

I am associated with a group that has many recipients who use Gmail. They report that Gmail frequently (but not always) sends our emails to spam with this warning:


"This message has a from address in the MyGroupName.org but has failed the MyGroupName.org's required tests for authentication."


I know each recipient can create a rule in Gmail to never send messages from us to spam, however, that is completely impractical. Many do not know this is altogether possible. And many don't even realize they're missing so many of our emails in the first place.


What can we or CC do to solve this? Is there some configuration we or CC can change?


Hello @EliezerB46,


Thank you for reaching out to us! I understand that having your emails be received in customers inbox's is very important. There are a few things that you can do to help insure they will be delivered to the right mailbox. First, turning on Authentication within your account if you are using a private domain email address (Example: @Constantcontactcom), this will allow domains to see that you are verified by Constant Contact as a safe source. Second, here are some tips for creating the proper subject line to get past spam filters.  And third, we have a full team that you can call and see what else needs to be done in your specific account to help bring you out of the spam box. Here is their direct number 1-866-433-8499.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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