Gmail has been flagging Constant Contact tracking links as "Suspicious Link" for weeks with NO FIX

Gmail has been flagging Constant Contact tracking links as "Suspicious Link" for weeks with NO FIX

Okay, you guys need to fix this already, it's costing us marketing exposure and money. I work for a company that is a partner with 8 other companies. I do design work and setup campaigns in Constant Contact for 2 of them. I'm having this issue from BOTH company Constant Contact accounts, and all our partner companies are reporting this issue as well.

So here is the issue I have posted multiple times already in chat, and I see others have posted.


GMAIL is flagging the tracking URL ( Constant Contact adds AFTER our emails are sent. Don't tell me this is anything with our emails, or our links, or anything with the customer. It is not. This doesn't happen in other email clients, only in Gmail. Yes, we could blame this on Google, but Constant Contact is a service, and you haven't kept in contact with Google to know they were implementing this, and you are also being too slow to fix it. I can even test this issue using my own personal email. If I send myself test emails, everything is fine because the links behind images are the URLs for our website. But once I actually send the email, Constant Contact adds the tracking URL, and Gmail will flag it. We've had many, many customers sending in emails and phone calls concerned. Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 9.12.40 AM.png20191101_154602.jpgScreen Shot 2019-11-01 at 3.30.08 PM.png


Hi @BeaconPromotions 


Thank you for reaching back out to the Community. I can see you also shared these details through a separate post as well. Though we have followed up through that post, I would still like to point out this is something we take very seriously. In fact we have a Compliance team that proactively monitors activity around the clock in order to catch problematic accounts/emails before they cause any issues.  Despite those efforts, from time to time we may end up on a block list for a specific security software program or ISP for a variety of reasons. In fact our support was able to determine another company has recently purchased a similar domain ( instead of ours ( which has caused several issues. Though we are working directly with Gmail on this, I apologize we do not have a current time estimate of when this will be resolved.

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