Gmail replaces my CC circular emojis with their blob emoji - any fix?


Gmail replaces my CC circular emojis with their blob emoji - any fix?

Hi all - 

I am crafting an email with three emojis, and when I send a test and view it in email, one of the emojis is changed from the circular version to the google "blob version." You'll see the discrepancy here - even though both emojis were inserted as the circular version, Gmail changed the first one only to the blob:


Does anyone know how to prevent this inconsistency?






Hi UAAdvancement!


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! It looks like this issue is depends on how each device/OS views emojis. Emojis aren't actually images, they're coded so they show up differently depending on how they're opened (in an email, text message etc.) According to emojipedia "The appearance of each emoji varies by platform, as the artwork is specific to which fonts are included on the system."


I know this doesn't actually explain why only one emoji is changing. All I can say about that is, unfortunately we don't have control over how they render, as it seems to be device specific.  

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