Government emails consistently being blocked or bounced

Government emails consistently being blocked or bounced

AIM Photonics has been using Constant Contact for almost 5 years now.  In that time we continually have issues with sending to government accounts, specifically ones with firstlastname@*.*.mil

These are emails for the DoD that typically end in .mil. 


We have requested resolution multiple times, with no solution, usually with Constant Contact claiming the problem is the with the IT firewall on government end.


The government is getting extremely frustrated with this, as their IT claims it was being filtered out before it ever reached them, so there was nothing they could do. 


Any help is appreciated, as the DoD funds our institute, and if platforms used and funded by them, cannot solve their problems, it will result in us discontinuing us of Constant Contact.


Hello @SUNY_Poly_AIM_Photonics ,


Any data those IT people could provide to our Deliverability team would be greatly appreciated so we can see where the disconnect is. Have you checked to see if the particular .mil bounces are suspended? We can manage suspensions, but if our system keeps getting responses from the contacts' domain claiming they're non-existent, then our system will be forced to re-suspend them.


If the bounces are blocked, inbox full, vacation/auto-reply, undeliverable, non-existent, or other, that's something that needs to be looked at on the receiving end. Do you know if the IT team in question has made sure to safelist our domains in their system already? Have they safelisted your contact info as well?


If their IT are able to give you any data points that show the emails being sent to them as being filtered on our end or somewhere in-between, please contact our Deliverability team so they can look into it.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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