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HTML coding in blocks


HTML coding in blocks

Oftentimes when I add a new block and sometimes when I'm editing an existing block, a space before the first character in a sentence and/or an extra break between sentences will be added. I'll delete the space and the extra break and I'll even go into the HTML code and delete the   but as soon as I save it, it adds it back. It's pretty frustrating, and I'm just wondering if it can be permanently fixed.

Hi AshleyP50

I am sorry to hear this is happening. I would like to take a closer look into this for you. Can you help with the following information?


- What is the name of an email this has happened in? Which block?

- Do you paste content into blocks?

- Do you copy and reuse the same template multiple times?


Thanks for your help! 


Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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