HTML in Third Generation Editor

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HTML in Third Generation Editor

 At what point (if any) will we have the ability to edit message HTML code? I mostly use if for font size flexibility, but it's also useful for a vast array of message customizations...







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Hello everyone,


Currently, in our Third Generation Editor we do not allow access to edit the HTML and have no immediate plans to do so. We want to provide our customers with the abilities to be able to use a user-friendly interface instead of having to rely on a code view to get their desired results. With all the feedback we have been collecting we are planning on making improvements to padding and adding some line spacing elements in the UI. I know this doesn’t solve all use cases, such as adding tables, but we will continue to make strides towards improving the editor.


I understand allowing HTML would increase the ability for more control of your content but it can also have a negative impact on your newsletter’s display in email clients.  If we provide access to HTML for every block, changing some of the default styles or content could break display when sent to an email client. Also being able to manually adjust width could have a negative effect. We have a team of amazing engineers constantly testing our templates in all email clients, so you can be certain your email displays consistently across the board. With that in mind, we want to make sure we make it easy to provide the best look and feel not only on the desktop but on mobile. With a majority of opens now leaning towards mobile over desktop we take that as a priority.


Please continue to let us know your thoughts on HTML and what exactly you're trying to do so even if we don't have HTML access we will be able to give you the tools to get your desired outcome.



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I am not a coder and am not looking to create entire emails using HTML code. HOWEVER, it is extremely useful and time saving to be able to copy the code from a particular block and not having to recreate it.  Copying the entire email is a pain and is more time consuming when all you want to copy is one block. Example: Our sales team is comprised of various people in various places. When they want to send out a deal announcement regarding a recent funding to their referral source contacts, I would create the email in a legacy template, add the funding transaction, the new client logo, deal description, and I have a notepad doc where I keep everyone's "signatures" in html format.  Then at the bottom block I would use the HTML button to delete existing code and add the other person's code and done.  And I would continue to do this until the announcement had been created for each person. This is a HUGE time saver.  Until Constant Contact creates a library specifically for BLOCKS, which will allow users to save and reuse content blocks, I need to continue to use the legacy template. Which is a shame because I do like the new editor, and I thought upgrades were about adding features, not taking them away. The html button in the block edit is feature important enough where I need it on a regular basis. Constant Contact either needs to add an html button to the block edit menu or create a library where the user can save and reuse content blocks.  One or the other.  Would make things cleaner and faster for me anyway then having to copy and recreate. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this into serious consideration.  If Constant Contact ever takes access to the legacy/older templates away, unfortunately, we will have to start looking at other email marketing programs as the sales team continues to grow. 

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I just want to echo the above.  It is tedious to have to recreate blocks over and over.    The old editor allowed for HTML to be copy & pasted in.   That functionality needs to be added back.   Leave the WYSIWYG editor, just add that button back.    Also, allow a user to save a custom block would be enormously helpful.