Header: Permission Reminder, Unsubscribe and View online Link alignments, mobile


Header: Permission Reminder, Unsubscribe and View online Link alignments, mobile

Good Day,


The header area is messing up in various browsers and email clients. Sometimes the alignment is left aligned and centered with the email (looks good), and sometimes the text is centered but still aligned to the left (does not look good). This needs to be fixed as it doesn't look good and I may have to remove it from the current outgoing emails. Not sure if removing it complies with the new CASL laws??? 


Will Constant Contact be updating the header to be mobile responsive? I see the footer is already there. The header is also important to convert to mobile responsive as well. I would like to keep this area in all emails if possible.


Hello @JudyI2 


I did take a look at a few of your emails and tested them to several different email clients/devices. When you're seeing his happen, is it in a yahoo email account? Our second level support is aware of this happening to custom coded emails in a Yahoo client. Otherwise, your email was showing up properly within such clients as Outlook, Gmail and AOL. We also tested to different mobile devices, such as an iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and noticed they were displaying as they should. 


The problem we run into is that we don't have access to the code for the Permission Reminder block, so we are unable to provide a workaround for what you're seeing in your custom code email. An idea that was suggested was to choose one of our templates and design the blocks within the Code View or style sheet to replicate your custom code email. 


We are tracking this currently and I can keep your case open to be notified when there may be a solution or fix for this. 


If you would like to remove the Permission Reminder but are concerned about any CASL violations, I would recommend calling in as we have a specialized team trained to handle all of our CASL related questions and inquiries. You can find their direct number here: How can I contact an Account Review specialist?


I hope this information helps and let us know if you have any additional questions. 

Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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