Headlines not showing in Read More blocks

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Headlines not showing in Read More blocks

Started today—when I add a Read More block and insert the link, the photo and lead text from the linked article show up but the headlines are missing. This happened with 4 different blocks, all linking to totally different domains for articles.


Last time I used the feature with the headline working was last Saturday (Nov 28).


Any idea how to fix this?


Hello @JenniferL366 ,


I was created a CSC Test copy of your email in your account to see if I could recreate the issue, without interfering with your actual email. I tried to re-do the links that you already had for the state/local news. I also tried some generic website links like ours, Google, etc., and even tried major news site that'd have subscription / viewing limits. I wasn't able to recreate the issue you're describing, so I'm wondering if you were just running into an odd connectivity error, or if one of the sites you tried to link to didn't want to provide the actual headline / first article image like the others.


If you'd like for us to investigate this further with affected links, please reply to the automated @ mention email with those news article links. It may also be worth trying some connectivity troubleshooting like cache clearing to see if that might be causing the interference with the Read More blocks pulling site article info.

William D
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