Help With Access to My Account


Help With Access to My Account

   This is Mohamad Neilforoshan, the registered Admin of Omid Center of Boston's Account at Constant Contact. I am temporarily outside the US. I tried to login to my account, but I was not successful.
   Can you please help as I need to send some emails and lack of access to our account prevents me to do so.
Thank you.
Mohamad Neilforoshan 


 This is the message I received:


Your login attempt has failed because your location's IP address is restricted.



Hello @MohamadN08 ,


We're sorry to hear you're having trouble getting logged in. If you current location's IP has been blocked due to bad reputations, then the best alternative actions would be:

  • Trying a more secure location. I recognize this is a vague statement, but if you're able to connect to a more secure IP / network, it's less likely to have a bad reputation associated with it.
  • Use a VPN. There are lots of VPNs available, and having one is a good idea just for general internet security. Your organization may even use one already. Using a VPN will allow you to alter your IP address to a more stable and secure IP, which should allow you access to our servers.
  • Call in and tell the support agent what you need done. This would a more last-resort option, but some of our customers do use this method regularly when they're traveling and unable to login. You'll need to confirm your account's security question(s), and whatever else the agent asks so they can confirm it is indeed the owner wanting these campaigns and this info sent out. Once you've confirmed that, you can work with them to get your email set up, do test sends to make sure it looks good for you, then have them schedule the live send to whatever lists you're needing sent to.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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