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Help with customer open rates

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Help with customer open rates

Hello everyone


I am looking for a quick and simple way to find out, who out of all of my contacts, have opened my emails the most.


Basically I want to take the list of contacts and separate those based on the highest open list in, say the last six months.


Has anyone had a similar problem like this and if so, how did you solve it?


Thanks a lot




Hey @RebeccaImpact,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


That is a great question! I can absolutely understand why it would be important to know who is consistently opening your emails. We have a video tutorial that goes over creating a list of contacts who consistently do not open emails. Click Here for that video.


You will essentially want to follow the steps within this video except for that last part. Instead of removing all of the opens from the "Did Not Open" list you are going to remove the did not opens from the "Opens" list. This will provide you with a list of contacts who consistently open your emails.


I sure do hope that this video tutorial helps but please let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks and have a great rest of your day!


Evan G.
Customer Engagement Specialist
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