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Hi i have a subscription in emailbrain and they are telling me that we have to create an account with you and they will send our credits to this new account. Also they send me a promotion code but i dont understand wow this platform works for me, becouse i have a lot of brands and each one has their own DB
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Thanks for posting and welcome to Constant Contact! This FAQ is a good place to start as it explains how to clean up your contact list in EmailBrain prior to moving them over to our system. You can separate your contacts into different lists for different brands, and edit the information in your campaigns as necessary for the different brands. This FAQ will also help you with getting started on your email campaigns. I understand that moving from one system is a big change, and I hope that we can help to answer all of your questions with getting started. If you find that you need help with getting everything set up then I'd recommend giving us a call while you're in your account so that we can help you get started with a walkthrough. For questions about promotion codes and account credits please call our billing department. They can help show you where any promotion code should be applied and make sure that your account is set up appropriately. Thanks!

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