High engagement contact segments

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High engagement contact segments

Within contact segments, we have the option of selecting "High Engagement" contacts. CC defines these as "contacts whose engagement is high", what further definition does CC use here?


And, is there a way for a user to change the definition of "high"?




Hi @MichaelL71247, "High Engagement" contacts are defined as the ones that regularly open your emails and click the buttons or links. There is not a way for a user to change the definition of what qualifies as 'High', as contacts are filtered into these categories using a formula unique to their account to calculate the engagement. Engagement levels are unique to your account and are recalculated each week based on the number of emails you’ve sent, which contacts you’ve targeted for each mailing, your email open rate, and your email click rate. Your contacts are labeled as High, Moderate or Low based off of their engagement. You can read more about Email Engagement here

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It would be nice to 1) have more visibility into this black box of "high" "moderate" and "low" engagement, and 2) have some way to define for ourselves what these terms mean. If there's a way to escalate these to the team that designs this feature, then that would be really helpful.


Also, the Email Engagement article you link to is kind of useless, or at least doesn't really answer any of these questions. 

Ok, I received this email message from CC Community customer service

Topic: High engagement contact segments
Date: 12-01-2020 01:54 PM

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I don't want to mark this as an Accepted Solution, and can't find any other place to answer this question other than here, so I'll comment as follows:


  • It did NOT solve my problem. I'd like to understand how the "high engagement" algorithm works, and how I can modify it for my needs. I find I cannot do either.
  • Furthermore, the response I received from my inquiry was not helpful. It was mostly just a circular answer: ""High Engagement" contacts are defined as the ones that regularly open your emails and click the buttons or links." In fairness, the answer to next question was clear and concise: "There is not a way for a user to change the definition of what qualifies as 'High'". And, the link led to a similarly useless article.
  • In my earlier reply, I also ask about escalating this for future attention, and didn't really hear anything back. It would be nice to know if others share my questions, or if enough do and CC is working on this.

The idea of identifying high-engagement contacts is REALLY valuable, and is a central reason I like CC. So, working on this attribute would help greatly.