History of Bounced Emails


History of Bounced Emails

Is there a way to view a report or get an export of all emails that have previously bounced at least once? We suspect a couple local larger employers may be bouncing fairly often, but it would be much easier to determine by looking at a full history, rather than opening the campaigns one by one. 


If an email is blocked during one campaign, does it still receive future compaigns?




Hello @lmoffat,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your questions. As of right now, there is no overtime bounce report other than going into each sent email one by one. I will be sure to pass along your feedback to our development team as I can see the value of having a feature like this to manage your emails. As far as your question about emails being blocked for one campaign, they will receive future campaigns if their Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows the email to deliver into their inbox, and if their email is off of the 15 day suspention for Suspended Bounces. But if the email is continuing to bounce, I would check out this article on how to manage your bounced email addresses. Sometimes email addresses can bounce due to typos, inactive/ no longer used email addressed and ISP's blocking the email from going through. I hope this helps!

Hayley L
Community & Social Media Support

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