Home, Campaigns links do not show up. Contacts do.

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Home, Campaigns links do not show up. Contacts do.

I started using Google Chrome as the browser. Is CC not geared for Chrome? Just curious.
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The folks at CTCT love "the latest version" of Chrome.


Hi Cheryl.


I'm sorry that Home and Campaigns are not showing up in Google Chrome. That is definitely a browser that our customers seem to have the best experience in. If you are seeing issues in Google Chrome with things not showing up, can you please provide us with a screen shot of the issue? It might be the screen resolution on your computer or your Google Chrome might be zoomed in. To zoom out, hold the CTRL button on your keyboard and then hit the minus sign. This should zoom out. You want to be viewing at 100%, no higher. Please provide us with a screen shot and try zooming out. I'm sorry for the trouble!

Melissa M
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I am attaching a couple screen shots. This is pretty typical of what I get when I hit the "Home" and "Campaign" icons on the left side bar of the page. Also, just to let you know, Chrome is my default. When I got this message in my email to click the link to bring me to this present community page where I can "reply", Chrome gave me a blank. I cut and pasted the link into Firefox and was able to open the screen.



Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.08.28 AM.png

Here is the other screen shot.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.08.39 AM.png

Thank you for the screenshots, Cheryl.


That is definiltey not how things should be displaying. I noticed that you are using a Mac because of the icons on the bottom of the screen. What I would try is this FAQ: Click Here 


It will give you steps on how to to optimize Chrome to run better. I would also check your version of Java because it seems like it might be a flash problem as well.


Please try these steps and let me know if this is still happening for you. I promise we will get this working! 

Melissa M
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I have done all these things to the letter. I am still get the white screen on the "home" and "campaign" links. The "library" and "contacts" screens are still fine.


I allowed for all cookies. "Allow local data to be set (recommended)"


The JavaScript was already on your recommended setting.


And for Pop-ups, I added ui.constantcontact.com under the "Exceptions" with allow as the action--just as the directions were written under your FAQs.


Still not working. I closed up Chrome and re-opened hoping things were re-set. Didn't work. 


Thank you for providing all of this for us.


Do you have an ad blocking software installed?


One thing I see right off the bat is that you have 22 active applications open along with 10+ Excel documents open and several other documents open.  This is significantly decreasing the amount of bandwidth available for our website.  Try closing everything and see if that allows for enough bandwidth for our website to function fully.  Our website requires a steady and stable connection and all of these programs being open simultaneously is likely causing problems, not only for our website but for the programs themselves as well.


Another idea is to run Chrome in safe mode by opening an Incognito Window and logging into your account there.  If the problem resolves, then you have a plugin or extension installed to Chrome that is interfering with our website's ability to either run Javascript properly or preventing the pages from loading at all.  If it works in Incognito, then it should be a plugin/extension causing the interference.  In that case, you will want to disable your plugins one by one until Chrome allows the page to load properly.  


Please let us know how this goes.


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact.


Troy S.
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