How-To Manually Register Someone for Your Event


How-To Manually Register Someone for Your Event

UPDATED: July 2018


So you created your event homepage, your registration form and you sent your invitations. Your event is live and the RSVPs are pouring in while you do other things…like grocery shopping.  But what’s this? Someone is waving at you and coming closer with a large smile across their face and arms full of reusable shopping bags. They have told you they are coming, and have asked you to “sign them up!” They have bid you a good evening and are now walking away to inspect the organic okra. There you stand wondering why they didn’t do it themselves, but alas it must now be done. So what does this mean for you?



Well, sometimes you will have to manually register someone for your event on their behalf so here’s how you do that, quickly and easily!


Begin by clicking on the name of your event in the EventSpot Tab. You will be looking at the main landing page; the Dashboard for all stats and actions for managing your event. To the right of the circle representing how many registrants you have, you will see a list of 5 options in the gray box just off to the right of the circle.


You will choose the second option which reads: “Register someone.” Here’s what it’ll look like:


Dashboard Shot of Manually Register.png

After you click that, you’ll be taken to the Registration Form that you created for your event where you’ll basically see what your registrants see when they register too. Once you do, click on the ‘Register Now!’ button and this will prompt you to fill out the fields you required of your registrants when making the Registration Form. Once you fill out that required information, if they have an email address they will receive confirmation that they have been registered for the event


*Note: If that person who waved you down at the grocery store did not have an email address, you may put your own email address in for them, but remember YOU will be receiving the confirmation email that they would have received if they had their own email address. Use it to remind you to contact that person by phone, by paper mail, or in person to let them know that they are now registered for the event.


That process will look like this: 


Enter your own email address FOR registrant.png


Complete this last part by clicking on the Register Button which will confirm that “you” have successfully registered for the event (on behalf of the person who flagged you down at the grocery store).Your email address will receive the confirmation that that person has registered, and if you have the report set up in the event to email you when someone registers, you’ll get that report on this action too. Your Dashboard report circle will now visually represent this action:


Successful manual registration.png


So there you have it, folks. The short process to manually register someone for your upcoming event. If someone told you that they couldn’t come, the process is virtually the same, except you would select ‘Manually Decline’ instead and repeat the steps.


In case you have some additional questions, here are a few more FAQs to help you manually process registration:




Edit a registrant's payment status

Manually register someone who wants to attend my event 


We hope that this post helps you to remember how to manually register/decline one of your guests and if you have any additional questions, we’re here to help!




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As an administrator, when I  click on Register Someone shouldn't it go directly to the registration page? and not the landing page that my customer sees?

This only works if you have allow a registration method that does not require payment. If the only way to register for this event is through a payment option like PayPal, you cannot bypass this. This is a problem with the lack of adminitrative authority with the event managment system that has never been addressed. 


We have developed a work around that we include in all our events when we set them up. That is, a 'promo' code for a zero cost enrollment option that is never published. This allows the administrator to bypass the payment option and register the person for free. The administrator enters the 'promo' code, applies it, and registers the client for no cost. 


The other shortfall that has never been addressed to my knowledge is to move a registrant from one event to another without re-registering them. Again, we have to use the work around described above as we have no registration options other then payment for our clients. This was a management descision based on several factors, one of which was reducing the number of 'no shows' who had registered for no charge. 

That is, a 'promo' code for a zero cost enrollment option that is never published. This allows the administrator to bypass the payment option and register the person for free. The administrator enters the 'promo' code, applies it, and registers the client for no cost. 


  1. It does not appear that your "promo" code feature works if item already has a "promo" code assigned to it. re: item cannot have two different "promos"
  2. It's also promblematic if your event has a fee associated for every attendee. If the the attendee is registering under an existing promo code. I can't use your workaround to enter these types of registration.
  3. 3. In the admin mode, we should NOT be directed to the landing page when we click on "register someone", it should go directly to the registration form
Regular Participant

When you do that, you can only register one person under that email, because the system will not allow more than one registrant per emial address. Also when you go in to edit their email, if CC already has that email in your contact files you cannot change it! They recognize the email and reject it even thought it is the same name!! What??



Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact with regards to your most recent inquiry. So if a customer already has an email address and is not a contact of yours, unfortunately you will need to cancel that registrant and re-register them. If you are receiving an error message that the contact is already in your account but not registered, what you can do is go into that contacts details and add a "1" to the end of their email address. Then go and re-register someone under that email address in your event, and then go back to the Contacts details page and remove the number you added to their email address. 


If there is anything we can assist with you with further please feel free to reach back out via the community or by calling support at 1-866-289-2101.



Community & Social Media Support Intern

If you don't need to send an email to the client you are registering you can temporarily change the event to allow guests. Reguister one person or a bogus person with a bogus email and then register the other folks as 'guests'.  Then remove the option. If you want ot sent them a confirmation you will need to do that manually, or it will go to person you registered with the names of the guests on it. You can remove the guest option when you are done. 


SCORE_Delaware and Ian_W you two have given the most cumbersome workarounds for something that should have a simple solution.

Well, what can I tell you but that on more then one occassion I have complained that the application does not have a robust administrative capablity and that is the crux of the problem. The admin person should have full update capability to the registration database including the ability to add, remove, and transfer registrees without any reference to he landing page or registration form. Myself, Ian, and our peers would not have to be inventing compound solutions if the system had adminstrative rights that would be included in any decent design. 

Well hopefully someone higher up in constant contact is monitoring the thread. I have a few more work arounds I created just to use their "robust" event registration.


Hi everyone, 


This is Jim Mariano, Product Manager for the Event tool here at Constant Contact.  Sounds like you all have a pretty well defined problem that we just dont have a perfect solution for.  We have provided a few helpful work-arounds including "Access Codes" which is a very nice feature for registering people who are voluteers, friends VIPs etc, but you're all absolutely right, we don't currently give an "admin mode" to quickly, manually register people. 


We are constantly looking for ways to improve our tool, so I'll take this back to our development team to discuss it.  Without going into too much detail, based on the quantitative and qualitative feedback we've received, it sounds like a place within the event dashboard where you could add names and/or email addresses may suffice? 


We would have to do our homework and prioritize this feature, so I can't make promises, but I promise that we hear your feedback and understand the basic requirement.  


Thank you all, please keep the feedback coming! And feel free to outline exactly what you would want (and some context) in this thread... it will help us design the feature in the future.




Jim Mariano

Product Manager - Events & Donations

Constant Contact



Thank you for the quick response.


as the admin -  should an attendee register for the the wrong event or catagory I would like to be able to move attendee registrationwithout having to cancel their original registration.


I would like to be able to register group registration without the requirement of a unique email for each person. (not everyone has an email account). Group registration are not the same as entering guest registrations . usually group registation only have one person as the primary contact


 if I register someone and have to update their email and the are already in our contact list -the system should recognize that it is being done in the admin mode and not tell me that it is a duplicate, or at the very least it should only as the verfication question The emails is detected as belonging to ______, Are you sure you want the email address.


 if a  payment is incomplete- I should be able to send a Payment Retry.


If payment is by check I should be able to enter the check information when the payment is rec'd in order for the payment to be marked as paid.


as the admin- I should not have to enter discount code- all fees should be available to admin, including early-bird fee.


as admin- I should be able to register mail in registration at early-bird fee without having to change the date (which makes it also available to public)


as admin- need more robust reporting- constant contact still wont't let me have acess to all fields so that I can filter base on what I am looking for. re: filter reports based on their unique questions, filter based on fee catagory.


as admin- I should not redirected to the event landing page- I should be prompted to end the session or be eble to immediatley enter a new registration


if abandoned registration become registered-it should be updated to reflet the date of when the registration actually occured not the original date.


registration list should have a search function



Thank you for your consideration.









Thank you so much for your feedback. You certainly make some great points. If you could, please copy and paste your feedback into our Event Registration and Feedback area. 


- IW

Community & Social Media Support Intern

Jim Mariano, CTCT_Event, I have provided similar feedback ever since Constant Contact launched Event Marketing (aka EventSpot). I have entered it into the Feedback form. I have called it in. I've sent it via Chat, and I've emailed it. I usually hear that the engineers prioritize based on what's most important, and that the backend administrative functions just aren't being requested.


Even though this may be duplicating what others say, here's the very BASIC functionality EventSpot should have:


1) Administrators should be able to add registrants through a back-end feature, and not have to go through the client-side registration. This should be as easy as entering data into a spreadsheet, with multiple columns that can be quickly selected (Paid, registered, etc.)

2) Administrators need to be able to enter notes into the registrants' files. If someone needs special services, if they will need to arrive late, if they are bringing a friend, etc. etc.

3) Adminstrators should be able to add guests into a registrant's record. We get people who call in to add a "plus one" or "Plus two" all the time.

4) People should be able to enter their email more than once. Many couples share an email, and often times I'll have both parties wanting to register, at different times.

5) Administrators should be able to enter VIPs, Speakers, etc. without having to make up email addresses. We need them in there for food and seat counts, name bagdes, etc. If they get an email telling them they are registered, it often causes confusion.

6) Administrators should be able to enter people who pay on-site, by phone, or who are comps, without making up an access code and entering it. When I have to make that workaround of an access code that says, "PAID_PHONE" it gets emailed in the confirmation to the registrant, and then I have to make new access codes for the next function so that people don't test that access code in the future. Likewise, access codes shouldn't be listed on confirmation emails....

7) Payment pending: when the payment arrives, I should be able to mark if it was made by check, cash, etc.

😎 EventSpot mobile: we need to be able to enter people who are walk-up registrants via EventSpot. Having a mobile app for live check-in is great when we have multiple people at multiple spots, but I still have to have a paper system for notes, entering those walk-ups, etc.


Thanks for your interest in making this a better environment for US, your CC customers :smileyface: