How To Use Your Events Calendar...and What it Can Do to Grow Your Event

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How To Use Your Events Calendar...and What it Can Do to Grow Your Event

Have you used your Events Calendar yet? Are you aware of how it works? If not, here’s why you should:




The Events Calendar is a web-based calendar that will display all of your published events.  The name of the event will appear as a clickable link which will bring the viewer to your event landing page or registration form.

Perhaps you run multiple events a month, or in a year. Maybe you are hosting a 3-day conference and you’d like to create separate events for classes and seminars you’ll be hosting.  You can feature each event on your Events Calendar so that  visitors to your website or social media networks will be able to see each event and register all in one place.


To do this you would need to publicize your Event Calendar URL and to find it follow these instructions




NOTE: Please note that all Published events are automatically added to your Events Calendar unless you manually remove them from the calendar. Sometimes there may be some you want to hide or not feature. To do this simply un-check where it says: 'Add this event to my event calendar.'



Here’s what it would look like: 




You can put this URL in an email that you’re sending out or you can share the link on your social network using the Simple Share button so that people can see your events and sign up to attend them, too! This is a great way to raise awareness about your organization and the multiple fundraising or networking events that you do in a week, a month, or a year.



Give it a try, put your exciting events out there and share that link and watch as your guest list grows!





If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!





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Re: How To Use Your Events Calendar...and What it Can Do to Grow Your Event

Is there a way to display the calendar on a website so it is viewable by a mobile device? I have no problems adding my calendar to the website, but when I look at it on my phone it only displays 1-2 squares of the calendar at a time - it's not responsive. 


I am hoping there is an integration with a web calendar I can't find, or HTML available to make it so I don't need to do double-entry. 



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Re: How To Use Your Events Calendar...and What it Can Do to Grow Your Event

Hello @ChristianS480


That's a great question! You will only have the ability to link the event calender within your website. Events currently do not have a feature in which you can embed the calender on your website. This is a great feature request and I will be sure to relay this feedback to our engineers. As you can see in the screenshot above you are given access to the event calendar link. I would suggest using this link within your website to create a button or text link to allow customers to access the calendar.


Their are two great options that we provide that would assist you in allowing your contacts to have more access to all of your events. You can add an RSS subscription button to your website, allowing subscribers to view an updated feed of all your upcoming Events. Each Event listing will link directly to your Event's registration form or landing page. For more information on how to set this up click here. Also, you can add a dynamic list of your upcoming events to almost any webpage by using the 'Attend My Events' Website Widget. We provide you with the source code, and you can customize the style to match your website using CSS. If you aren't comfortable using HTML code take a look at these instructions and email the listed information to your webmaster.


I hope this was helpful to you and please let us know if you have any further questions. 

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