How can I save an email as a master template?


How can I save an email as a master template?

I am trying to figure out how to save one of my emails as a master template. However, the help center is out of date and the method it describes for saving a master template no longer works. Is it still possible to create a master template?

Hi @MatthewS188

I am sorry for the confusion, it does look like you hit FAQs for another account type. Save as template is not available in your account yet but we still suggest getting a template set up as a "Master" template that you would copy and use each time. Just name this email something like "Master file---copy only" to remind you to make a copy. 


This will allow you to start with the format and branding you've designed and just add the new content. We're working on getting this feature to this account type in the future!


In reference to the FAQs, if you click Help once you are logged in you should only see the FAQs that apply to your account type. 



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