How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...

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How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...

How can I upload a flyer into the body of my email - the flyer promotion is the email...Uploading a file in the library just gives me a link.

Updated: September 2017


With our new editor you have the option to turn your PDF to an email with just a few steps.

When you create an Email campaign from an imported PDF:

  • An image of the PDF is added to the template. The image of your PDF can be treated just like any other image and can be resized or turned into a clickable image.
  •  A button linking to your PDF is included so your contacts can easily download it.
  • The template is automatically branded with the main color used in your PDF.

Once the template is created, you have full control to add more text content and further customize your branding. Keep in mind that sending an image-only email increases the likelihood you'll end up in the spam folder; make sure your Email campaign has a good image-to-text ratio by using headlines and adding text elements from the Build tab.

1.     From the Home or Campaigns tab, click Create.
Create2.    Click Email
Create email3.    In the top right corner Click "Import PDF to email".

Import PDF

  1.    Choose a file to import by dragging and dropping the PDF file or browsing your computer

Add a brief description for your PDF. (Optional) Change the name of your PDF.

Click Continue.


  1.  Edit the content of your email and click Continue when you're ready to send it to your contacts. (Optional) Edit the text of the Download button. Be sure to preview and test your email before you send it out

Here is a link to the FAQ.


If you do not have our new editor and are still using 2GE we have options for you as well.

While you cannot insert the PDF file directly into your email, the Library allows you to upload PDF documents that you can link to from within your emails.

To link to a PDF while editing an email in 2GE:

  1. In your email draft, click the Edit icon for the block where you want to include the link.
  2. Place your cursor where you want the link to appear.
  3. Click the Document button in the Insert section on the left toolbar.
  4. On the Select Document screen that displays, click Upload a new document.
  5. On the Upload, a new document box, click the Browse button to search for your PDF file.
  6. Select your file and click Open.
  7. Click Upload. Your PDF file will appear in the Document Library.
  8. Click the button for the file you wish to add to your email.
  9. In the link text field, enter the text that will appear as the hyperlink for your document.
  10. Click Insert Document Link. The hyperlink appears in your email.

Another option would be to convert the pdf to an image file and insert it as the converted image.  This option is viable with both editors.

When uploading a PDF into the Library you have an option to also create a PNG image of the first page of that PDF. The image can then be inserted into your email campaign.

  1.    Click Library.
  2.    Click the Upload To Library button and select My Computer.
  3.  From the Upload To Library overlay, you can either drag and drop your PDF or browse your computer to find the PDF you want to convert.

4.  Once you put the file in place your cursor over the PDF's thumbnail and click Create an Image.
Create a Image
5.  Click Confirm to create the image. The image file is automatically added to the Library and won't be seen on the Upload To Library overlay.

Create an image6.     Click Upload Files to finish uploading your PDF to the Library.
Upload file

  1.    Click Done.  Now both the PDF and the PNG image are saved to the Library with the same name, but you can always edit the image information and change the name.

You can now use that PNG as an image in your email campaigns.

FAQ: Create an Image From a PDF While Uploading to the Library


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I have a flyer that I want to send it as a email blast.  It is in Jpeg, how can I use it?

Please help!  

Hi Margarita,


While this isn't a best practice to only use an image for your email, I'd be happy to show you how you can do so.


I would use our My Image template and then you can upload your image to your Library with us. Then insert it into your email.  I would recommend adding some text to the template as well. Many spammers only send out an image as their email and this can cause your email to be filtered into the spam/junk inbox instead of the main inbox.


I hope this helps!


my boss recently asked me to send out a flyer she got in her email to everyone in our constant contact. is this even possible? if so, please explain. Thanks!



Thank you for your question.


It is possible to take a flyer you received and send it to your contacts through Constant Contact.  It will require three things from you to do so.


1)  Be absolutely certain that you have permission from the person/company that sent the original email to copy their intelectual property.  If you don't secure permission, then there could be legal repercussions of some sort.  This is VERY important. 


2)  If the flyer is an image, like a poster or something along those lines, you can simply take a screen shot of the email and crop out the part you wish to send.  Then, upload the image and insert that image into your email.  Click here to learn more.


3)  Add some text to this email campaign so you will avoid sending a "single image email" which likely will get caught up in some spam filters and rejected as unwanted email.  Email Providers have lots of criteria they use to filter out unwanted email from an inbox.  Having a low "text to image" ratio is one of these criteria causing the rejection.  Click here for more information.


I hope this helps!  If you have any additional questions, or if you just need some help, please feel free to respond to this email with the details, or call our Support Team directly at (866) 289-2101. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm ET, Friday 7am-9pm ET,  Saturday & Sunday 10am-8pm ET.


Thank you for your time.




Troy Sparks

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Troy S.
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I have somewhat the same question.


One of my coworkers creates a beautiful constant contact email every week and forwards it to his customers.  He also forwards it to his coworkers so we can send it to our customers if we wish.  It has multiple images, lots of text, and links to catalogs, pricing etc.


Since I purchased Constant Contact myself and would like to utilize it, I would like to know how to simply take his email and forward it to my contact list in CC, vs. just copying it to my Lotus Notes contacts which seems like a waste of time and resources.


And yes, we all have specific permission to utilize and forward his email.


Thank you!



I'd like to send my own flyer & reports that are ready to send to contacts. How do I do that?

Hi Sara,


There are several ways you can include the flier you've prepared in your email. You can send out your flier as an image in one of our templates if you have it saved as a jpeg, png, or gif. You can also include a link to it if you have it saved as a pdf. If you have the HTML coding for the flier and are comfortable working with code, you can plug that into our advanced editor and send it out as is.

Alex Morse
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How do I get document uploaded to library into my event flyer?

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for posting! You can include a document link in your event email or landing page. First you will want to upload the document to your Constant Contact library. This will need to be a PDF file in order to upload. 


Once uploaded here is an FAQ on how to include the document in your event emails!


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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I get a success message when I try to upload a pdf but when I go back to the library to try and insert it is not there.

Hello Lourdes, 


In order to insert an image into a campaign it would need to be saved as an image file format (.jpg, .gif, .png).  While your library accepts PDF file types, you can only link to the PDF from within a campaign.  I would recommend either converting the PDF to one of the image formats or taking a screenshot of the PDF and save as an image file. 


I hope this helps!



Hi Claire.


I'm sorry that you are having difficulty uploading documents and inserting them into your library. Are you trying to insert a PDF as an image file? Unfortunately this cannot be done as our system reads PDF files as documents which can only be inserted as a clickable link. The PDF file would need to be made into an image. If you don't know how to do this, I would be happy to give you those steps. Please let me know if I have misunderstood your question. Thank you! 

Melissa M
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I cannot get pdf images to go into the image block.



I apologize that you are running into this issue. From what it sounds like, you are looking to insert an pdf into an image block, via the image itself. Not to worry, but our system works a little bit differently. When it comes to PDF's we link to them, we dont insert them as images as our system reads PDF files as documents rather than images themselves.


What I would like for you to try is to enter some text into that image block. Highlight the text and then on the left hand collumn I'd like you to look under "Insert" and the fourth or fifth option down will read "document link." Now since you've already highlighted the text you want to link, all you will need to do is choose the pdf and select insert. This will insert a live link to that pdf in your image block!


I hope you found this helpful! If I am incorrect in my thought, please don't hesitate to reach back out and I will gladly troubleshoot further.



Ian W

Community & Social Media Support Intern

I have uploaded 5 pdf files but cannot see them when I want to add them to a poster. Help!!!

Hi Mark,

I see that you have uploaded a PDF file called "Data Centre - poster" three times, is this the one you are looking for? If so, I see it in your Library several times. You would need to either view it in the Library(by clicking the Library tab) or by inserting it into your email since it's a document. Were you looking to include it in your email as an image instead? 

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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I just uploaded the same file five times and I cannot see it nor import it to my campaign. Why?

Hello @KevinD712 , 


It looks like you called into Support for help on another issue (social media links).  I am not sure if you received help on this, so just in case I took a look in your account and noticed that there are some PDF files that have been uploaded.  If your image is saved in a PDF file, it would need to be converted to an image file type (jpg, png or gif) to be uploaded.  Within Constant Contact images can be inserted into emails and PDF can only be linked to, so this is why you are not seeing it to add to your campaign.  If you do not have the image saved in one of the image file types you can search for a PDF to JPG converter online.  If you need some assistance with this you can send the file to us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post, the file attached and your username.  




I have uploaded images but when I go to insert it tells me there are none. When I try to upload more images it tells me I am out of space. Help!

Hello @LyneM 


Sorry to hear you're having trouble inserting your images. When you upload these new images, what file format are they in? Images will only insert into the email editor if they are a JPG, PNG or GIF file format. If you happen to have your images saved as a PDF or Word file, you will only be able to use the Document Link feature for these files. 


I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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