How do I add a PayPal button to my Email?


How do I add a PayPal button to my Email?

UPDATE: March 2018


The PayPal button is not currently a feature in the third-generation editor. However, you can still add a link to your PayPal by creating a hyperlink. Click here to learn more.


Please note. This information is only for the second-generation (now Legacy) editor.


Did you know that you can add PayPal to your campaigns right in your account? All you have to do is connect your Constant Contact account to your PayPal and then it’s just a quick 2-step process to insert the button so that when you send you can start earning money directly to your PayPal account.


Let’s get started with connecting your PayPal to your Account:

Please note that if you don’t follow this step, that you can setup PayPal while inserting the button into the Campaign block itself.

  • Once logged in, click on My Settings in the top right of your account


  • Next click on Email Features
  • Under PayPal Setup > click the link Setup PayPal
  • Enter your email address that you use for PayPal in the first box
  • If you would like to direct those that pay via PayPal to a specific URL after payment, enter that URL in the box for Completed Payment URL
  • Click Save

Now, let’s add the button to your Campaign.

  • Create a new Campaign or click to Edit a draft campaign
  • Click to open the block where you want to insert the PayPal button
  • On the left under the Insert header, click on (or drag) the PayPal Payment button


  • In the overlay that displays, fill out all the required information.
    • For the Image, you can choose from the following: Pay Now, Donate Now, Subscribe Now, or Buy Now. Or you can add your own text to display.
    We have a few options available for the Currency to choose from outside of US Dollar
    If there is no Shipping, just enter a 0.
  • Click Save & Close
  • Then we’ll enter in the clickable button or the text link that you typed.
  • Continue editing your block and save.

And it’s that easy to add a PayPal button to your Campaign.


Any questions let us know!



Occasional Participant

I easily put a donate PayPal button n my email but it doesn't have the option for monthly donations like the one on our web site  does. We are trying to get sustaining donations.


The form on the right is what I'd like to see in the email. Is it possible? I have the code but kept getting a message that parsing was wrong. Easily could have been my error, I have little idea of where to paste it.

Thanks for any help,


HI @EllenH755 


Thanks for posting. I'm happy to help you out! Unfortunately, our system doesn't support the forms from PayPal. You can use our Integration, as you have done, but you have to enter in an amount for people to donate. You can add more than 1 donation button with different amounts. But we don't have the monthly option where people can enter their own amount. 


Sorry about that. Hope that helps!

Occasional Participant

I found that if when in PayPal i can generate a button, copy the email code- not the website code and paste it into my newsletter (I made a block first with text, I didn't get the button itself but the form I wanted). Then I get the option for monthly donations. Hope this helps someone else. For a non-profit monthly, aka sustaining donations are the way to go. Sset it and forget it- we hope.