How do you add a Facebook "Like" button to your email?

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How do you add a Facebook "Like" button to your email?

I'm trying to add html code to an email to insert a Facebook "Like" button.  This is different than a button with a simple link to your facebook page.  I inserted a new promotion block and used the html viewer to insert the code.  Unfortunately, nothing appeared.  Is there a solution to this posted online?
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Adding a Facebook button to your email is a great way to drive social media traffic.  The process is a little different depending on the editor so I will include both instructions below.  

 2GE :  The first step will be copying the URL for your social media profile that you want to use, Facebook in this case.

Place your cursor where you want the social media icon to appear and click Social.
Place your cursor over your social media platform and click the plus button.
Note: If your social media platform isn't listed, you can manually add an image of the logo as a clickable link. Select your image. Follow the instructions under the Link field to copy and paste the link for your unique social media page. Click Insert.Click Save to continue editing your campaign email.

3GE: The first step will be copying the URL for your social media profile that you want to use, Facebook in this case.

Go to the left side of the screen under the “Build” tab and you will see “Social”.

Once the icons are added, click any of the icons to open the editor and click “Edit”.

Paste the URL into the field next to the Facebook social media icon and click the chain icon to test the link.

Click Insert to continue editing your template.  See this article for more information:


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I'm having a similar problem, spoke with tier 2 support they told me that once newsletter is published, and then shared on facebook, the like button appears automatically on the newsletter email and archive. Sounds a little bogus to me. I'm going to test it in an hour or so, will post my results.
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Okay, so i tested it... you should definitely go the route of tweeting it upon scheduling the send. You can check it out at The Like Button is on the archive page there. However, there is no Like Button in the web email, which is a MAJOR disappointment.

Aaron here from Constant Contact- First I'd like to say that it is awesome to see so many people use our new social media features! Now, let me tell you a little bit about the features to help clarify some points... The "Like" button plus other re-sharing links will indeed show up on the webpage view for Tweeted and Shared emails when you use the "Tweet this email" feature or the share button on the Email Details page! Here's how it works - when you use these new share functions, a brand-new link is created to your email and automatically included in the tweet or share URL. This is a "social webpage view" of your email that is different from the Archive link in that it shows additional share links at the top to help your email go viral. Feel free to copy the link and use it for other things! And also - I see more "Like" buttons in your future emails... stay tuned for some great new features on deck from the Social Media team @constantcontact!
-Aaron Severs
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This feature was working before, but seems to have disappeared since the back side/email builder changed in December?  Is there still an option?  I couldn't find it when I went through the social media links as I was composing my email.


Hi Mike,


We only have the icons where people can go to your actual Facebook page to like it when you are editing the email.  When you send your email, you can add the Social Share bar, which allows your contacts to share on their social networks and/or "Like" your newsletter on their Facebook Wall.  Is that the one you were talking about?

If it is, you can go into your Email in edit mode. Click the Message Options button in the top right.


message options.png


Then you want to check the box that says Social Share Links.  Then click Ok. 


Social Share Links.png



This will add the Social Share bar to the top of your email when sent.


Social Share in Sent Email.png


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Screen shot 2012-02-08 at 3.55.23 PM.png

I wondered how to add a box like the one above, where you can automatically like the PAGE when clicking the button. It would be a great option for those customers that are trying to gain more Facebook followers via their newsletter/ email campaigns.


Currently the constant contact does not allow the script from the plugin that facebook provides for developers.


This is what Facebook provides for HTML5

HTML code


What Constant contact currently provides is great for sharing individual newsletters and or marketing emails. But I can't figure out a way to add a button with the script provided, even with the HTML version.


Being able to do this would be great because it will help customers bring Newsletter followers into the facebook platform.


thank you for your feedback!



I would also like to see the ability to have a "Like" the fanpage button in our emails.

Can someone answer this question? I would also like to know if this is possible. 

Thank you everyone for responding your desire to have this functionality. I have passed along your feedback to our developers to check out this thread.  At this time, I am not aware of us having this feature. With that said, our features are brought about from your suggestions.  So please keep them coming.

Hi Marissa,

Is there any update on this item? Can you confirm this is something that is being developed?



From what I understand, this requires java script to work. Java Script is not currently supported. We'll let you know when we have any updates on this, but as of now this is not capable of working with our system.


I hope this helps,


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Any Update On This? Is it now possible to add a Facebook "Like" button using java script?

HI Sheila,

Unfortunately at this time this is not something we offer. We frequently make updates to implement requested features so I am happy to add your feedback to this idea. If we hear of any update on this we will post in the Community.



Hannah M.
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I think this is an important feature that should be added!

I don't see that "message options" button- is this for newer accounts?


We just released our new "Social Share and Like Buttons" feature for Email Marketing! When you schedule an email, there is now an option to add a Like button (with other sharing buttons as well!). Because of how Facebook's "Like" feature works, we are required to have your email subscriber go to a webpage view of the email when they click the Like button from their inbox. They are then asked to "Confirm that you like this" in a new window. We're really excited about this feature and would welcome your feedback! Cheers, Aaron
-Aaron Severs
Constant Contact Product Manager, Social Media

used the social share icons this morning and wondering how to edit what they linked to?? It was linking to the bottom box of the email :frown:

I want to have a link for my readers to go to my FAN page on FB. How do I link the two together?
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We want to add a Share on Facebook link or even a Like at the top of our html emails that we load into CC using the advanced editor.

How do we do this. I used the add a Like link code found onthe facebook site but when I emailed a preview to myself it doesn't show up. Although, it does show up in the preview in CC.


Hi Michelle,

Check out FAQ 5064 in the Help section. Just type 5064 in the Keyword search. That will bring up "Inserting a Social Share bar into an HTML or XHTML email".

I hope that helps!

Marissa W.

Community & Social Media Support Representative