How do you add a Facebook "Like" button to your email?

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How do you add a Facebook "Like" button to your email?

I'm trying to add html code to an email to insert a Facebook "Like" button.  This is different than a button with a simple link to your facebook page.  I inserted a new promotion block and used the html viewer to insert the code.  Unfortunately, nothing appeared.  Is there a solution to this posted online?
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Adding a Facebook button to your email is a great way to drive social media traffic.  The process is a little different depending on the editor so I will include both instructions below.  

 2GE :  The first step will be copying the URL for your social media profile that you want to use, Facebook in this case.

Place your cursor where you want the social media icon to appear and click Social.
Place your cursor over your social media platform and click the plus button.
Note: If your social media platform isn't listed, you can manually add an image of the logo as a clickable link. Select your image. Follow the instructions under the Link field to copy and paste the link for your unique social media page. Click Insert.Click Save to continue editing your campaign email.

3GE: The first step will be copying the URL for your social media profile that you want to use, Facebook in this case.

Go to the left side of the screen under the “Build” tab and you will see “Social”.

Once the icons are added, click any of the icons to open the editor and click “Edit”.

Paste the URL into the field next to the Facebook social media icon and click the chain icon to test the link.

Click Insert to continue editing your template.  See this article for more information:


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I cannot locate the Facebook and Twitter share buttons either. I just want to have the buttons so others may share the information in our newsletter. I clicked on "social", but the buttons listed are only to like us on FB and follow us on Twitter, but I just simply want others to be able to share the information. Is this option available?

Hi Dean, 

You can include the social share bar to allow others to share your email on their social networks. This only shows at the top of the live email when it is opened.


Here is an FAQ with more on this option and how to add it to your emails!


You are right, the Social Sharing buttons in the email allow you to direct others to your pages, not to have them share.


Hope this helps.

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Thank did answer some questions but I have a couple more.

  1.  I see that when I add the buttons, there is a FB Like button. We are not on FB so is there a way to remove that one button?
  2. Can I only add the Social Media share buttons in the header or can I put them in other parts of the email as well?

Glad that helped. At this time the Social Share bar can only be included at the very top of the email. Unfortunately this setting isn't customizable so we can't remove the like button either. The good news is that since you don't have a page linked, the user who clicks on this will not go anywhere.


This sharing option is great for growing your list and your emails exposure! There are a ton of sharing options besides Twitter and Facebook--click the plus icon to check it out!

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Navigating your community has always been difficult - but now its so much more difficult.  Its a muddled mess if you ask me.  And its REALLY difficult to find how to post a new thread.  So I always just go to the intro area where I know how to post a new thread.


I used early results on my last newsletter and when the stats came in the "Social Shares" said 2.  But I don't use the Social Shares option in my newsletters - meaning I don't have the social shares box ticked.  So how on earth am I getting stats on Social Shares?



Hi Deborah -


First, I want to apologize that you find the Community to be difficult to maneuver through.  We have it set up now in sections.  If you want to learn about Nonprofits, Small Business, Social Media, or want to share your Email > you can click on Discussions. If you're looking for product help, whether it be in Email Marketing, EventSpot, Managing your Contacts, Social Campaigns, or SaveLocal > you'll want to click on Product Forums.  We have Community Blogs as well. One is run by myself and Ros, the Community Manager. The other is run by our Solution Providers and Local Area Experts.  Next we have our Developer Forums for those that now APIs. Then Feedback is to give Feedback on Social Campaigns, SaveLocal, and on the Community itself.

Again, my apologies for any confusion.


Second, I went into your email to see what could have happened to cause you to have Social Stats when you are not utilizing the Social Share bar.  I found that if you click on the little sharing box at the bottom under Social Stats, that it actually counts as a share, whether or not you actually do post to that Social Network.  Have you clicked on that icon for LinkedIn or Twitter? I clicked on Twitter so that's why you have 2 there now.


Here's the icon I'm referring to: Social Stats.JPG

Hi Marissa,


Thanks for your help.  I see now where there is "Product Help" in the Product forums but I still do not see how to put a new post up unless I do it through the introductory section.  Can you help with that?


As far as this area at the bottom of the stats area where you say if you click it counts as a share . . . I've never clicked that.  Until you mentioned it in this post I had no idea it even existed.  So how would I have had "shares"?  I'm the only person that access this account.



Hi Deborah,


When you go into the Product Forums, you would want to click on the Product you want to talk about.  So, if you watned to talk about Email Marketing, you could click on Email Marketing Product Board. Then you'll see a button that says New Message on the left.  Once you click on that, you can post your message.


New Message.JPG


As for the Social Stats displaying, I'm going to look into that a bit further for you. Will update when have more information.



Hi Deborah -


I found out some more information. A few days ago, we had turned on the Social Sharing toolbar ON by default in ALL Constant Contact accounts. So when you sent your email out, we must've had it turned on. That would allow your contacts to share your newsletter on their Social Networks.


We did turn this off as we found out that a number of our customers were not happy with this ability.  But in your case, it looks like people are actually sharing your email.


Do you have a copy of your original sent email to see if it did, in fact, have the Social Share bar at the top?

Yes mam - you are correct.  I see the social bar at the top of all the newsletters I published on the 18th.  Per my boss, we prefer not to use the social bar because the url contains the CTCT name.  I hope the option to use the social bar remains an end client decision in the future.  Thanks for your help Marissa - I appreciate it!

You're welcome Deborah! Sorry for any inconvenience! 


Glad we figured out what happened!


The easiest way to get more eyes on your newsletter is to add the Social Share bar. This toolbar sits at the top of your email when it’s sent out and allows your recipients to share your email on their social media networks. This will help spread exposure to your email on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


To add the Social Share bar and Like button to your email template:

  1. When editing your email, click Header Options on top of your email draft.


  1. In the Header Options overlay, check the "Social Sharing Links" checkbox at the bottom.
  2. Click OK.
  3. At the top of the Customize Your Email page, click Save.
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Has anyone been able to find that feature?  I know there is the optoin to click the Facebook button, but the like option is much more familiar to consumers.  I know has that feature in its system.....

Hi Marion,

Thank you for checking in on this feature. At this time, this is not something we have available. I will definitely be giving your feedback to our team of developers.


Deanne Perry

Please let us know when this feature becomes available!  Many people are looking to have this readily available and it would be very very helpful.





Happy to pass along your vote!

Hannah M.
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Please add my vote too! Thx

Thanks for your feedback, Katie! I've passed it on for you!

How hard can this be??  If Constant Contact already has it as part of the social share bar, why can't you give us a way to include it in the body of an email?  The social share button is all the way at the top of the email, which doesn't make it very visible--therefore less likely to get anyone to click on it.  I think you guys are holding out on us.  Bad idea, especially when Mail Chimp already has this feature.  Please tell your users ASAP when you have this feature available.

We sure will! 


Thank you for the feedback on this, we'll pass this along. 

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In an email campaign, how does the social media block work?  Once it is added, can I link my social media sites to it?  If so, how?  Another post said to click on the messages option and change my settings.  I can't find the messages option to click on.  Help!


Also, can I add a "Share block" to an email campaign or is that just for a social media campaign?  If it can be added to an email campaign, how do I add it?


Thank you!