How do you/can you set up an autoresponder renewal reminder?


How do you/can you set up an autoresponder renewal reminder?

My challenge is the renewal does not happen annually - it may happen two years from current year a contact is signing up for the reminder.  I am wondering how you set that campaign up?  We want to remind contacts to purchase a special license plate when their registration is up for renewal.  A contact could indicate the month and year the registration needs to be renewed.  I'm just wondering how to set the autoresponder up to indicate to go two weeks before that registration date.  If it's even possible to do that.




Hello @KaraH3,


Welcome back to the Community! That is a great question! So unfortunately our Autoresponders can only be scheduled for up to a year in advance. Although, for the customers who would fall into a year category you could definitely set up an Autoresponder for them! We would recommend when creating the Autoresponder email that you choose the 'Anniversary Email' option, so that a specific date can trigger the email. You can click here to see instructions on how to set that up!

Please let us know if you need help setting that up.


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